If I posted half the thought that go through my head, nothing I posted would make sense… lol, I do write them down, I just don’t and probably won’t ever post it, let alone tell anyone or let them read it.

Her spirit haunts the bridge…

The smell of rain on a summer day.

"As it hits the hot concrete, sizzling into vapor that slowly, yet passionately enters one. Gently caressing and stimulating the mind to produce a sweet memory of days long since past." -Providence

one of my old writings

"Rolling round the block, looking for my homie, spot a fly looking honey, walked up said hi, how are you, she walks away, damn…. Weeks pass, and every time I pass that spot I remember you, girl its like you infected my brain, or maybe my soul… Shit Iuno, but for real I’m going crazy and to be honest I sorta like it… Been 13 months now,still on my mind, Mmmm, like the hands on the time, click clock, every second my mind slips in through the lines… Been buzzin everyday like a fly, I swear its a crime. See no girl compares, because no bitch like you, wait maybe that’s the problem…. Searching In the wrong place or maybe the wrong time, finally see you again this time you crying, run up quick to hug and be next to you… You hug me, telling me how I’m different than all the other guys… Hmmm now how in the hell do you know? I’m here because I’ve dreamed about this moment every day for the last 3 years… See girl dreams do come true, wait….. Damn, just another dream, get up real quick, homie calls me up, this seems familiar… Got to the spot walk up, see you walking out, I have two choices, I either get out start this cycle or stay in and let you be…. I walk out, can’t help it, I’ve drempt about you for what seems like an eternity, I just want to say two words “hi there", you smile???? Wait… It all makes sense I didn’t realize that smile was an invitation, keep walking along side you, you turn ask me what’s my name? And if we’ve met before? Truth Is I’m the sun and your the flower, we’ve known each other for what seams like forever, I know you feel it, instead of words I kiss you, simply because i felt as if i missed you. Yeah, i felt as if i missed you.

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Woopsie walked into the #wrong #restroom haha need more #liquor lol

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Bacon taco!!!!!!!